Monday, October 18, 2010

weekend goodies

went to a little flea market and my favorite resale this weekend....

love this hat box! not very pretty but it has vintage charm.

the label is pretty.

and this is the bext part! a buckle to keep little fingers out!

crafty things inside.

also found salesman sample button cards. kicking myself for my getting more!

some glass ones on this one. and see the googly eye?

and a cute shabby doll and hand embroidered hedgehog pin cushion!

and these came in the mail from dickblick. as you can imagine there will be another painting or two this week sometime.


KATI said...

You found so wonderful buttons! They are like candies! Great acrylic colors too. It's nice to see more your paintings! I hope people find your blog because it's amazing...

be said...

wow those sample button cards are awesome! i've never seen anything like that! how cool!