Monday, October 11, 2010

a new painting swap and the amazing box of whimsy

hope you all had a lovely weekend. ours was nice despite the very warm weather and mikey was in kinda a crabby mood.

i did another swap with lauren at FairRosamund. i just can't seem to get enough of her art! thank you lauren she is the sweetest little bandit i've ever seen!

and i found some fantastic whimsical things at my favorite thrift!

even the box is cute!

and look at all the goodies inside!

paperdolls and cutouts, a finger dings doll, cake bunny cake decorations, a cute bobblehead lobster made in germany, crocheted flower doily and pot holder.

sweet coasters (some in my shop!), germany china candy dish, vintage hat, cup cozies in original box and clothespins for my sister! is this enough amy? she had tons!

the hats is so pretty and autumy! the china dish is iridescent and so pretty with roses!

these are cup cozies. the keep the condensation from going onto your furniture! i just thought they were pretty colors!

so cute!

i couldn't believe there were so many cute things this time!

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