Friday, May 6, 2011

getting ready

we are celebrating mikey's 8th birthday tomorrow. birthdays for mikey are not as exciting as they are for other kids. he doesn't like alot of people around, or the singing, or blowing out candles and he doesn't care about opening gifts. really he has no idea that it's his birthday or that anything special is going on. but i try to make his birthday's special. i cannot believe he will be 8!

a bit of decorations. i used to decorate like crazy. but my husband complains about the tape marks on the ceiling so i just do a little and usually have balloons.

since mikey isn't into gifts..we are planning to take him back to the waterpark for his gift. but my husband went to the disney store to pick him up a couple little things. he loves nemo and monsters inc so i think he'll like these. and the easter bucket was on clearance. he likes carrying things around so i think he'll like that too. maybe i'll have some party pics sunday or monday. happy weekend!

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