Tuesday, January 27, 2009

recent snail mail.

got some really pretty things last week and this week. from ebay and etsy.

really pretty vintage buttons. those turquoise pinwheel ones are some of the prettiest i have.

more pretty buttons in bright candy colors. the red ones are big and really beautiful.

vintage hat with millinery flowers and netting. the forget me nots are separate but they look really pretty together..

close up.

vintage hankie holder with handmade silk bells. not sure what these were originally. christmas ornaments? wedding favors?.. dunno. but they are silk and hand embroidered.. so pretty!

see how pretty they are?

vintage hankie holder with hand painting and rosebud applique.

pretty details.

vintage hankie that was inside.

little extra stuff the seller left inside the box. ribbons and a little felt purse with sequins and a little silk pouch. the previous owner must have been sentimental like me!

so there you have it.. lots of pretties! no thrift store finds to show this week...hubby wasn't feeling to well after his root canal. maybe next week.
huggs and ttfn

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Amy said...

Love the buttons and the hankie pouch. So sweet.