Thursday, April 1, 2010

collected over the years.. artist bears

i have a little collection of artist mohair bears. i started collecting these before mikey was born. typically i adopt just one a year.

these are all by donna hager. i love them so much!

this is the second one i got, i think. i love her two tone fur. she is a very victorian looking sweetheart!

she is a little beauty! i love her little feet too! se makes you want to pick her up and cuddle her!

my newest one. she is beautiful! the fur is so long and soft! you cannot help smiling when you see her! and she is my favorite color! thank you again donna!

this one i got last year. i love pastels. this little one is so yummy like cake!

my very first one! blue bearie. he has the prettiest softest fur! and his nose has sparkly threads.

this little guy i think i got when mikey was tiny or before he was born. he had been waiting for a new home for awhile, so i was very happy to adopt him!

these two are by emma braiden she is a very sweet bear maker! who lets me have lay a way! again, i love the colored bears! and her bears are adorable! these cuties traveled here from Australia!

this is my littlest darling! made by my friend catherine young, who lives in Belgium. he came with a little felt pumpkin too. he is small and adorable! thank you again for the swap catherine!

this one i got on ebay a long time ago. the seller was called floppy socks bears. i don't know what ever happened to her but i don't see her selling anymore. she is a cutie though with those big ears! and she was very inexpensive.. i think just 15.00! i have dressed her in a preemie dress from walmart.


Bumpkin Bears said...

what a fabulous collection of Bears, I bet Boo feels tiny next to them all! Love all your recent posts too, the Liberty box is wonderful. Wishing you all a Happy Easter, Catherine x

EmmasBears said...

beautiful bears susy! Love the photos. And it was great to see my two again. Love seeing them in their new home!