Sunday, April 11, 2010


yesterday we had a nice day. we went to michigan city. first we went to the antique market..see pics below! then we went to the outlet mall and got mikey a few things fotr summer including a new pir of crocs (he loves crocs!). then we came home and ate and after that we spent the rest of the day outside.. mikey would stay outside all day if you let him.
while we were at the antique market, i also picked up a couple birthday gifts for my sister.. haha i'm finally ahead of you Amy!

this coffee pot was too pretty to pass up. and it wasn't very expensive either.

isn't this vintage box adorable. probably had a baby rattle or cup or something inside originally.

a vintage pin for my collection. i love the heart shaped rhinestones.

this is for a project. i wanted a pocket watch, but they are pretty expensive. this is smaller but very pretty.

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Bumpkin Bears said...

wow some wonderful finds there Susy :) x