Monday, April 19, 2010


i rescued this woodpecker in my yard yesterday. he has a broken wing and broken beak. i was going to leave him be.. he was in the yard on saturday and we tried to give him a little hiding place to rest. the next morning he was still there.. so i decided to put him in a cage. today i am going to see if i can find a vet or someone who wants to take him. if not i'll try to fix the wing myself (instructions on the internet). he is still alive this morning. i gave him bread, almonds and berries to eat. gonna try to go get him some bird food today. i think he might still be a baby..since he is rather small. i am calling him george. any advice appreciated!

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EmmasBears said...

Wow... good luck. I've never had much luck with rescuing wild birds. They always tend to get stressed and eventually die. (thats probably not what you want to hear though...). If you can get him to eat, it might be ok? That is half the battle i think.