Saturday, July 24, 2010

july sister swap!

this month's theme was alice in wonderland. as usual amy did an amazing job! she even wrapped everything with a little phrase. hope this funny theme wasn't too difficult! love everything thank you!!

i'm late, i'm late! for a very important date! and one side with made you bigger and one side with make you smaller. i LOVE this fabric! and the stamp is really cute! and the plant pick! so sweet!

who are u? blowing smoke rings in her face! (baggies) flamingo bags from the croquet game and kitty stickers to represent dinah or the cheshire cat! so cute!

AEIOU again the rude caterpillar! love these metal letters! tiny locks for the part when she shrinks and flowers for all the golder afternoon or you can learn alot of things from the flowers.

and UN-birthday paper and stickers! love that cupcake!

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Amy said...

I'm so glad you like everything. I was worried this time! lol. It was a hard swap to shop for but a lot of fun too.