Friday, July 9, 2010

where have i been?

this week has been unusual. my husband has this week off for vacation..though he is spending most of it working on his sister's house. monday i FINALLY went to see ECLISPE! i really want to see it again already.. but we'll see. the only thing i didn't like too much about it was the make-up. everyone looked a little strange compared to the last two. but i loved it otherwise.
i baby sat for my 2 nephews and one niece on tuesday and wed. spent most of the time swimming of course.
and yesterday we went out to breakfast at the cracker barrel..yummy! and after that we took mikey for some labs to be done. i had myself all ready for a horrible fight..and he just sat there and watched the lady draw his blood like it was nothing! the nurse was really good and got the vein right away so that helped too. no flinch when the needle when in and not a single tear!

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