Monday, January 10, 2011

big thrift find!

mikey has been having a bad time again. not sleeping and crabby. so i was much in need of a break. so hubby dropped me at my favorite thrift. and i found lots!

i love this print! in an old frame which is probably original. paper has a canvas texture. some water staining on the bottom, but it was to pretty to pass up!

some cute old dolls.

a precious antique baby photo and books.

tiny leather books from the 1910's

tiny blank books with gilded edges.

crocheted tablecloth or throw blanket? so much work in this! and pretty colors too!

and a really pretty crochet dolly dress!

1 comment:

EmmasBears said...

oh my goodness you find some incredible stuff! there's nothing like that in our thrift stores!