Monday, January 31, 2011

birthday gifts part one.

i got several fun birthday gifts that i haven't shown you so here is part one!

my sweet sister (who is the best sister in the world!) got me these adorable scrapbook page kits. i had seen this one recently but couldn't get it that day. so she was sweet enough to go find it for me! thank you amy you are so sweet to me!

isn't the paper adorable? reminds me of japanese fabrics.

she also got me the boy one which i hadn't seen and it is so cute too!

how can you resist owls and cats in a sailboat???

and this little guy was crocheted just for me by my mom. isn't he funny and cute?

just look at those cute frog legs!

and she also made me these pretty potholders. thank you mom!

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KATI said...

I love those adorable scrapbook page kits!!! And what a lovely pink frog! So cute!