Monday, January 17, 2011

birthday gifts!

this is what i bought myself for my birthday....yep i buy myself a gift! who know what you want better than you? she was on my wishlist for a few years..but couldn't find her. so a couple weeks ago i did an ebay search out of the blue..and there she was! isn't she beautiful? love that long aqua hair! and her face is so sweet! she is jun planning hestia isora in case you need her too!

and my husband got me this monster high girl i've been wanting. frankie stein! isn't she cute?

and here are my two monster girls together.

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KATI said...

Happy birthday! Great gifts! I love the aqua hair girl, she is pretty. I love her hair color and faces. But the monsters are not my favourite! They looks scary! I think you are really happy with your new girls!