Friday, October 17, 2008

busy week

this week has been busy. i had to go to the dr for a uti and we took mikey to the dan (defeat autism now) doctor on wed. she has some new plans for us to try that might help. and yesterday evening i helped my neighbor with a little more crochet lessons.
i myself have made a few more hats and things. i also cut out 3 bambolas this week. two will be in the shop and one for a friend.
lets see what else to tell... oh i bought some more louisa may alcott books. these ones are

1. Rose in Bloom 1927 copyright.

2. A Garland for Girls 1908 copyright

3. Silver pitchers 1908 copyright (now i'll have 2 of these so i guess one will go)

4. Lulu's Library 1930 copyright.

5. Aunt Jo's Scrap-Bag 1929 copyright

6. Jo's Boys 1925 copyright (this one too. i'll have 2 of these)

7. Kitty's Class Day and Other Stories 1908 copyright

so 2 are ones i already got but the price was really quite good so i snagged them up.

i also got some more prima flowers for hat making. oh and i made myself a scarf. i used the handspun yarn i got at the renegade craft fair from biggie. i'll post a pic of that.

well i guess that's all to report. will try to post pics of the crocheted dolly clothes later today. many huggs!

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Bumpkin Bears said...

gosh you have been busy, I'm amazed how quickly you knit and crochet, can't wait to see what those prisma flowers look like? I do hope that Mikey's dr's suggestions will help. love, Catherine x