Tuesday, October 28, 2008

thrift store finds part two

at the next thrift store i found two paintings(one not pictured), an antique engraving print, a soup tureen (missing lid), a vintage hat and some pretty trims, fabrics, pot holder and a tea towel.

the painting is really beautiful. i cannot ready the signature but the canvas edges look old so it might be an older one.

the engraving print is by FRANCISQUE-EDOUARD BERTIER and is from 1888. titled the flower girl. the frame is also old.

the soup tureen is a china pattern i am collecting. i have quite alot of this pattern though i don't know the pattern name or maker.

the hat is really beautiful with jewel colored flowers and leaves.

so anyways it was a good day for finding treasures i guess! enjoy the pics!

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