Friday, October 24, 2008


i thought maybe i should make a little post on what mikey has been up to. he hasn't been sleeping well. waking up in the middle of the night crying. but aside from that he's been good.
he has become obsessed with piggy back rides and wants you to give him rides all day.
he recently decided that potatoes are yummy and will even eat mashed potatoes even though he used to act like they were disgusting!
he also decided marshmallows are great. he can often be seen running about the house with a bag of marshmallows.
he has learned how to push the chairs around the kitchen so he can reach what he wants. this morning he pushed the chair to the refrigerator to get a box of cereal from on top..and yes he is tall enough when he is standing on the chair!
he loves hats lately and will put them on and wear them in the house..these are winter hats.
anyways just a little tidbit of mikey-ness. isn't he a funny little guy?

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