Friday, October 10, 2008

rough week...

we've had a rough week. mikey has been fussy. he just has been crying alot and i cannot figure out why. i kept him home from school wed and thurs. i might send him today but we'll see.
he also has been waking up in the night crying and wanting to go play. well i decided awhile back to stop letting him do this cause he was doing it every day! and not just for an hour for 3-4 hours!
so we had to fight with him to keep him in the bedroom but finally he settled down.
one of the problems with this waking up at night is that i get a bad headache every time. not to mention being really tired! i honestly don't know how my husband does it. he gets 4 hours of sleep and still goes to work. i guess he doesn't have much choice.
anyways hopefully next week will be better.
huggs to all!

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