Monday, March 9, 2009

the arrival of boo.. the kitty!

oh a package! i wonder what's inside!

ahh! what is that! and look at all the cut stuffs!

oh! what a cute kitty! named boo!

here kitty, have some kibble after your long trip!

or play with your favorite yarn toy!

ok come play with me little boo! i've got your bag of goodies! to be continued!

and look at the cute gift boo brought me! thanks becky! don't worry we'll take good care of boo!


beckynot said...

This is the best story I've ever read in my life!! It's like Boo's on Real World! Thank you for making him welcome! I like the dollie offering him Kibble, does he know she's not really a bunny?

I liked waking up this morning and making my boyfriend look at these pictures, but he's probably brushed it off as a dream by now.

Love to Boo. I can hardly wait for the little Apple to arrive. I must prepare a greeting party like they do for the president in foreign countries!


pretend play washer dryer said...

Those toys are unique!

LeArmoire said...

Awesome! Glad to see the dollie house being put to good use. :)