Monday, March 16, 2009

a nice weekend

we had a nice weekend here! hope you did too!

saturday we went to the mall! can you believe it! i haven't been in months! and mikey rode the little coin rides and the merry go round three times. he was really good and didn't throw any tantrums when he had to get off!
didn't buy a thing at the mall though! lol and we ate pizza and mikey had his favorite chinese food t the food court.
so then we went to the hobby lobby and i bought a few fancy yarns, paint brushes and amigurumi eyes.

then later when we came home..mikey got to play outside..since the weather was really rather nice!

sunday we went to my brother in law's birthday party. and mikey was really well tantrums. so we were able to stay for a few hours.
so all in all the weekend was really nice!

huggs to all! don't forget to enter the hat giveaway!

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