Sunday, March 22, 2009


today was a nice day. we tried to go the flea market but the line to get is was SO long! so we left and went to a street close by that has antique stores. more about that next. i really wish i had brought my camera.

today mikey had his first ice cream cone! well a sorbet cone! he wasn't eating wheat before so he couldn't have any. as some of you know mikey doesn't eat dairy..hence the sorbet. he really liked it! and yes he REALLY needs a hair cut! i'll have to do that tomorrow i guess....

so while we were looking in antique shops and not buying anything.. we found a bakery and bought some yummies...

french bread...this loaf is huge!

mexican pan dulce. everything in this bakery was super sized!

chocolate cake.

giant cookie with m&m's. this thing is way bigger than my hand!

and butter cookies. these are yummy.. but not as yummy as the ones from the bakery that we went to when i was little.

also got a chocolate dipped strawberry.. but i ate that on th way home.. lol.
so anyways it was a fun day of strolling and browsing.. will show you the single thing i bought from the antique


beckynot said...

This whole entry looks sticky! The little boy, the cookies...

Amy said...

Wow! What a good post!

I love the hankie. The colors are very springy.

Mikey is so adorable enjoying his sorbet. And even his long hair is cute. It looks like a little helmet. lol.

All the bakery goodies look super yummy. I miss Calumet Bakery too. Sigh.