Wednesday, March 18, 2009

thrift store finds and snail mail pretties

i have lots of things i haven't shown.. so here a catch up a bit!

thrift store find. vintage tea towels.. some cute and pretty embroidery. i actually use these. unless i feel very sentimental about a design.

thrift store find. this tea towel is heavily embroidered.

thrift store find. vintage ribbons. silks and velvets.. mostly black. but really pretty.

from ebay. vintage ribbon lot. that yellow in the back ground is 6" wide! also a pretty yellow velvet on the right.

hankie holder..from ebay.

hankie holder. from ebay.

lingerie holder from ebay. i am keeping vintage ribbons inside!

thrift store find. vintage or antique baby photos. the baby in the grass is very unusual. it is on cardboard. i don't know how old it is.. but it looks more like a snapshot than you'd usually find.

so there you have it.. some interesting and pretty things i've found or received over the past couple week. ttfn!

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