Sunday, August 30, 2009


from forever 21. this is really one of my most favorite online shops now. so i bought a couple things this week.

the tank was on sale. in case you haven't noticed yet..i like flowers..

i love the scarf! i am crazy for scarves anyways.. i usually wear ones that i've made.. so it's nice to get one in a different style.

the lip gloss.. i always need something on my lips now a days and did you notice? the charm on it? it's an owl!

the necklace looks like vintage enamel pins.. kinda funky but i like it.

so that's what i spent my spending money on.. well besides the yard sale finds!


Amy said...

LOVE the scarf. I'd like one in purple, please.


grammyjan(mom) said...

that necklace looks like something out of the seventies! pretty Hip!!!lol!