Saturday, August 29, 2009

mikey update

for those of you who wonder how mikey is doing..
he is ok. still having behavior issues but not as bad.
he is learning all sorts of things. he has been practicing still with dressing himself. he can usually take his shirt off and put it back on without any trouble now. he is still learning how to open things. he now can open.. doors, markers and some screw top caps.
he is getting even better at riding his tricycle. but sill need to learn how to steer.
his favorite things to eat lately are pretzels, dinty moore stew, chinese food from panda express, lollipops, cauliflower and recently he had black olives and loved them.
he also is getting really good at brushing his teeth.
so many new things!


Amy said...

He is so precious! I love his shirt, too!


grammyjan(mom) said...

i'm so happy Mikey is learning so many new things! He's just so sweet!

I like the kitty things and the doll is lovely!