Wednesday, August 12, 2009

we are back!

mikey at the curious kids museum. it was really rather boring! maybe "normal" kids would enjoy it more.. but mikey was really bored.

mikey at the curious kids museum. st joseph michigan.

mikey plaing at the sand dunes in sawyer michigan.

mikey at the hotel in st joseph michigan.

mikey and dad with an elephant in st joseph michigan. they had several different animals.. all painted by artists.. nothing new! seems like every town has their version of this now.

mikey at the beach in sawyer michigan. our last day. he loved the water so much! that cute cowboy hat was the only thing he brought home. we showed him a bunch of other things.. but he wasn't interested.

our first day in sawyer. he was really unsure of the water at first.. partly cause it was cold! but after awhile he was laughing and running back in!

a seagull in sawyer michigan.

this is the biggest sand dune. no we didn't climb them this time.. we were lazy! in sawyer michigan.

smaller dunes in sawyer michigan.

the beach in sawyer michigan.

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grammyjan(mom) said...

love the pics! glad you guys were able to get away! It looks like alot of fun!!!

Love the doll! really sweet!