Saturday, August 29, 2009

yard sale finds

i've always liked these kind of kitty household things.. i've see salt and pepper shaker, cookie jars, tea pots, wall pockets.. but they are usually pretty expensive. so when i saw these really cheap..i snagged them.

vintage american character sweet sue doll. yes i suppose i have too many dolls. but she was really inexpensive and so pretty. and she is huge! 24 inches tall!

i found a tin with vintage buttons. these are the keepers. several glass ones, a few fancy metal, some pretty plastic. also some rhinestone whatnots and a tiny antique filigree bar pin.

and a couple books. the notebook is one of the two nicholas sparks books i have left to read. and i always love the not without my daughter movie.. so i thought it would be good to read the book.

1 comment:

Liza said...

Fantastic finds, Susy! I could see where you couldn't really leave the bride doll there - she has such a sweet face. The high heel shoe button is pretty unique too!