Wednesday, August 12, 2009

trip finds

this wall pocket was found in coloma michigan. it reminds me of russian nesting dolls.

beautiful millinery rose on this vintage hat found in michigan city indiana.

i love this hat. it is ,made of very fine woven straw. the ribbons are think velvet and the millinery flowers are beautiful. i think this is older.. 1930's.. or oder... found in michigan city indiana.

adorable painted face doll. so pretty with all those roses! found in coloma michigan.

very pretty hankie holder with painted flowers. found in michigan city indiana.

vintage baby shrug, booties and tiny pillow case.. found in michigan city indiana.

i don't know how this one got out of order! but another pic of the sweet doll. even though she is stained, i couldn't resist! she is so cute!

so there you have it! my trip fins..mostly from indiana! isn't that funny! it was alot of fun searching though! we must have went to at least 10 antique shops and malls!

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