Friday, September 4, 2009

a bit of etiquette

mrs annie whie...
i forgot all about adding these bits of advise here. so i will try to add something every week. keep in mind this book is from1891...

never pick the teeth, scratch he head, bow your nose or clean you nail in company.

do not go into company smelling of onions or garlic, the are offensive to most people.

it is rude to turn your chair so that your back will be presented to anyone.

do not laugh at your own wit. allow others to do that.

if a lady would retain her influence with her husband, she would never appear untidily dressed. no man is pleased with careless, or un slovenly dress. and no woman can respect an untidy husband. both should dress for each other's eyes and not neglect those little efforts to beautify themselves, that pleased them so much when they were single. the most sensible and hard headed men take pride in their wives and daughters' appearance.
and it is with a feeling of certainty that he invites a friend to accompany him home at anytime, knowing that he will not be mortified by finding his wife is not presentable. (i am afraid i am guilty of this one, as are most women..i think)
so that's all for this week. maybe i'll do this every friday.. friday etiquette!

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