Friday, September 18, 2009

snail mail...

recent snail mail arrivals...

swap from jane. do you remember these? keypers.. from the 80's they have a secret hiding space you open with a key. thank you jane!

rainbow yarns in 100% wool.

cute little lady bug raggedy ann type doll. my mom bought me this sweetie! she flew all the way from Thailand! thank you mom!

also from mom. love these plastic hair clips! thank you mom!

swap from liza. gotta love anything with owls! thank you liza!

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Jacqueline said...

Hi There!
I am Jacqueline and I come to you from Shop 66 blog. I am so facinated by your finds. You may like my blog. Go to Once Upon a Fairyland and you'll see my childhood home. I especially love gnomes, elves, dolls...and all things cute and adorable. Hoping to visit you more!