Friday, September 11, 2009

friday etiquette

from mrs. annie r. white. 1891.
home manners chapter. a mother's duty. many children will acquire bad qualities through the carelessness of those who have them in their care- such as malice, greediness, lack of personal neatness and rough indifference to the comfort of others. all these faults it is the mother's duty to eradicate. her first care must be to teach them self respect; and one of the first evidences of this feeling, is good manners.
all children have an inborn sense of justice, and should never be reproved before strangers for any remissness. a rebellious spirit is aroused, which often breaks out in open defiance or sullen resentment. children can be trained to reciprocate courtesies and behave politely everywhere, without making prim little martinets of them. teach them to respect each others rights- to enjoy their merry romp and innocent fun without hurting each other's feelings or playing upon some weakness. games and romps should be encouraged at home; but let the stronger children guard the weaker, nor forget that even fun may become rough and wearisome.

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