Tuesday, September 1, 2009


was just plain rotten! mikey had a very bad day of tantrums and screaming. which included a major one right before we were going to leave him with his aide to go to his school meeting. and he was bad! throwing himself around, trying to bite and headbanging etc..
so we didn't want to leave him with his aide like that so daddy stayed with the wild child and his aide and i went to the meeting.
so the meeting went ok. he will still have school at home and i will go with him twice a week..and he will have his therapy at school. so at least they aren't trying to get him in there full time or anything.
so later i think i discovered what was making him so fussy.. he needed to go poop! he had been passing gas before that so i think that is really what the problem was.
so hopefully he'll be better today! so far he seems pretty happy.

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