Tuesday, September 22, 2009

a little drawing

my sister has an apple themed kitchen and she has been saying.. for a few years that she'd like some apple pictures for it. so for the last few years i have been meaning to do them.. but just haven't actually done it. first i wanted to paint them in acrylic. i recently decided..i don't really like acrylic paint.. which is not so good since i bought a bunch of it. so then i thought i'd draw them or water color. well i knew i had paper..somewhere. well yesterday...while looking for something else, i finally found the paper and did this practice apple. i had not picture or actual apple to use. so i did it from memory. it is a gala apple. what do you all think? please be kind.. i haven't drawn in years! it can be found on etsy if you like it.
amy you'll get yours soon! just gotta get some apples so i can actually have something to look at while i draw them.


Amy said...

Love it! You're so sweet! And a good big sister.



Bumpkin Bears said...

It is reallly good, apples are not easy, you've got the shape PERFECTLY and I love how the colours give great shadow and shaping - brilliant :) Hugs, Catherine x

Jacqueline said...

Very good...a BIG "A" for apple! In art, the beautiful thing is that there's no perfection...just art. Come and see my Amanda bear on yesterdays post...I just push the pencil and hope for the best!