Friday, September 5, 2008


i really wanted this blog to be a happy place. no crying or sad stories. but something happened on wed that is still bothering me today.
for those who don't know i have a son who is 5 and has autism. we i don't want to go into alot of details but on wed he threw a major tantrum. this can be very difficult cause he cannot speak to tell me whats wrong.
this was a terrible tantrum and it lasted 1 1/2 hours and he banged his heads so many times that it was bruised and bit me on my arm.
and believe me i tried to stop him but he is very strong!
so i am feeling still today very sad about it but he was much better on thursday.
i dunno what caused it.. maybe he had a headache or didn't like what they wanted him to do at school. whatever it was i wish i knew so i could help next time. this isn't the first time...
so anyways to my internet friends.. i am here.. just feeling rather bummed right now.
huggs to all!


Julie(family)Julia(everyone else) said...

Oh Susy!

So glad that he felt better yesterday, and hopefully again today. I have no words of wisdom (being childless an all), but all I can say is that hopefully, whatever was bothering him, was a one time thing.


Amy said...


Sorry you had such a challenging day with Mikey. Everyone has days like that but I can only imagine not being able to get any information from the little guy.

Keep your head up and remember you are doing all you can. That's all anyone can ask of you.