Tuesday, September 16, 2008

the arrival of a gift!

recently i posted about the kindness of strangers and mentioned a doll. well sweet shelley arrived yesterday! see the story below!

i must send many huggs and thank yous to the mystery giver of this wonderful gift! it is a great kindness for me. i recently got belle but had to crochet my fingers off and save save save to get her so to get a doll this wonderful is such a sweet gift. she will have a good loving home!

everyone awaiting the new arrival.. itsn't almost three o'clock? yes 2:45! ooh the doorbell!

this is what it says on the elfdoll dox. isn't that sweet!

taffy says don't worry shelley! we'll get you out!

there she is! help help! lets get her out!

finally out! and a bit grumpy after the trip! don't worry shelley! there are lots of friends here for you!

welcome to planet pumpkin! we are so happy you have come to live with us!

different faces! wow! they all have beautiful painting!

shelley brought wigs, shoes, her little doggie and a pillow!

and she brought so many cute clothes!

and her original goodies and a pretty bracelet!

shelley and taffy best of friends!

shelley and the babies!

are you our new baby sitter? no i am your new sister! oh even better!

happy family portrait! many huggs to hapslappy and our mystery friend! thank you so very much!


Bumpkin Bears said...

WOW what a truly wonderful treasure to arrive in the post for you, and even the more special that someone had a big enough heart to share with others - she is just so pretty and all those sweet clothes :) Have fun, Catherine xx

grammyjan(mom) said...

Such cute pics! She is really a sweet dolly, isn't she? What a nice person to give her to you!