Wednesday, September 10, 2008

sweet taffy!

here is my sweet taffy! she arrived and is even prettier in person! i love the colors so much! she is perfect! i love her long legs!
her dress is so cute with the fuzzy accents. and just look at that sweet face! they eyes are really pretty! and the hair is just to beautiful!
thank you to my mystery friend who sent her as a pif! i love her! be sure to visit hapslappy on etsy to adopt one for yourself!


•°o.OJosyO.o°• said...

I love her hair!!

grammyjan(mom) said...

How does she do that hair? that is just really cool! I love her! how big is she?

Hapslappy said...

Thanks for the compliments, girls! : ) grammy, I made the hair on my spinning wheel, just like a farmer granny would do! Most of the dolls are roughly a foot tall, give or take an inch.