Tuesday, September 30, 2008

mikey and school

yesterday we had another meeting with the school. basically they are not giving him enough time and one on one attention and forcing him to do things.. i mean taking his hands and actually forcing him..even if he is already upset. so anyway i have been complaining about this and a few other things.
well today they called me to go get him. he was throwing a tantrum and banging his head. nothing would console him. not swinging, not playing, not a snack nothing. so i went to go get him. when i got there he was finally swinging and when he saw me he jumped off so fast and hugged me so tight and was fine the rest of the day. and now he has more bruises on his head.
so i don't know what to do..he cannot talk to tell me why he is upset or what happened. anyways it is very upsetting and not sure exactly what to do next. hopefully tomorrow will be better.
on the good side he has started imitating me when i open my mouth or stick me tongue out. he hasn't imitated faces in a very long time so i think that's good. i have been trying to teach him how for a long time.
and the strange thing is..when he was a year old he could!
sorry for posting another gloomy post.. huggs to all!

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Bumpkin Bears said...

It must be so hard for you and so frustrating for the little guy to not be able to explain what upset him. Sending you lots of hugs. I do hope that things are going better these last few days. I love your little crocheted teddy :) Catherine xx