Friday, September 26, 2008

the dryer story

a few months ago our clothes dryer died. no warning just died. so i started hanging clothes outside. so big deal i didn't mind and with how hot it had been they dried pretty fast actually.

so i hung the clothes for several weeks. but with winter looming closer everyday i was worried. so we had been looking in the newspapers for used dryers for sale. finally we found one at a yard sale. really rather old and came with a washer. $50.00 for the set. so my brother in law helped us bring them home. they put the spare washer in the garage for when our now 10 year old washer decides to die.

so our new used $25.00 dryer. worked but had some issues. like the lint screen had a small tear, the dryer keeps going when you open in and it was really squeaky. but it was dring the clothes so i was happy.

so yesterday my brother in law (who works for the home depot) calls and sys he got us a new scratch and dent dryer! so i am guessing it's just a regular simple dryer. but when he brings it over last night it is a really nice dryer! with the wetness sensors and everything! it is pretty scratched up but i don't mind. it is a maytag bravos fabric care system dryer. it turns out it is a really expensive dryer and he got it for a mere $100.00! so all i can say is i am happy! this is probably the nicest dryer i will ever own. and thank you to my brother in law who is constantly helping us out!

will post a pic soon!

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