Tuesday, September 16, 2008

renegade craft fair!

it rained all day saturday and off and oon sunday too. so i was thinking we wouldn't be able to go to the renegade craft fair. but it let up around 3:00 pm on sunday so off we went. it took us over an hour to get there cause there is alot of flooding in indiana. but we made it.
there were so many interesting things to see. art, hand screened clothes, handmade soap, pottery, jewelry, softies, yarn, knits. i wish i could have taken pics but i was really trying to be quick since my hubby and mikey were just waiting in the car.
so anyways here is what i got!

remember my wish list from before? well i was able to adopt this sweetheart from the etsy plush street booth. this sweet bebe bear baby is made by cassienipper. i just love him so!

three yummy hand made soaps by boh bon. i try to use only natural soap now. though my hubby refuses to give up his irish spring!

beautiful hand painted yarn from traveling rhinos. i loved this booth! she had the most beautiful assortment of hand knitted scarves, neckwarmers, yarns, and jewelry! i wanted more but settled for just one. isn't it beautiful? not sure if it is handspun too.

and last another yarn from biggie. this one is hand dyed ans spun. i love the color. it is called buttermint.
so thanks to everyone for the renegade craft fair! i will try to go again next yaer. and hopefully the weather will be better!

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grammyjan(mom) said...

I'm so glad you got to go! I know how you were looking forward to it! The bear is really cute!